SEO Optimisation

A website which is not optimised is like a shop on a high street with no entrance.

Search engine optimisation

Organic listing on all major search engines is directly linked to the success of your online business. Whether new to the online world or established this process is ongoing and requires periodical maintenance based on current trends, updates and new posts on your website.


SEO Process

Our team will help you rank up on all major search engines.

Keyword Selection

For every page you would like to optimise we would need to select a number of keywords which best describe the page that we would be optimisation.

Meta & Alt Tags

Based on the keywords selected we will code your page with the relevant Meta Tag and Alt Tag content to match your keyword selection.

Content optimisation

The next step will be to rewrite the content of the page to support the keywords chosen. Our expert content writer will convert the text entries to streamline the process.

Sitemap & Analitics

Finally we will extract and submit your sitemap and analytics code to all major search engines.


We use the latest technologies

Our team is focused on delivering cool solutions to present your business online or digitally. We also offer fully customisable projects with training and a very user friendly interface to manage your projects effectively from wherever you are and from any device, even from a smart phone.

Our aim is to give you a complete solution baked with training, service and support for you to be able to take your business to the next level. We also offer SEO and Digital Marketing (including social media) to make you completely autonomous.


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